Park Tudor enforces new detention policy


Three tardies in one class result in detention. (By Katie Hur)

Katie Hur

In an announcement to the school on Wednesday, March 23, assistant Upper School director Spencer Summerville informed the students of a change in the school’s detention policy that will be enforced after the upcoming spring break.

Students will receive detention if they receive three tardies for one individual class, resulting in them spending one lunch period with Summerville without any electronics. This does not apply to advisory periods.

“Ideally, these things would have been taking place all school year, but at this point we need to make sure we double down on what our expectations are for students and come back to where we feel we should be as a community as a whole,” Summerville said.

While suspensions due to repeated poor behavior or conduct show up on student records, detentions will not. The policy is simply intended to reinforce community expectations, especially punctuality.

The school is also placing further emphasis on other expectations like appropriate dress attire, in-class engagement, and language.