Legacy Initiative organizes fundraiser for Ukraine


Katie Hur

Junior co-leader of Legacy Initiative Kate Fryburg tapes a poster to a wall in Park Tudor’s hallway, promoting a fundraiser for victims of the war in Ukraine.

Katie Hur

On April 29 at 5:00 p.m., Park Tudor’s Legacy Initiative club will host a fundraiser at a track & field invitational to support victims of the war in Ukraine.

The fundraiser will accept cash or credit donations. Additionally, stickers, T-shirts, pins, and sunflowers will be available for purchase. All proceeds go to the charities of the donor’s choice:

  • Save the Children provides psychological help as well as food, water, and hygiene kits to children, especially those who have lost their parents.
  • The International Red Cross ensures safe transport out of Ukraine.
  • The International Fund for Animal Welfare supplies food and medical supplies to local Ukrainian shelters and zoos.
  • World Central Kitchen serves meals to evacuees.

The Legacy Initiative is a student-led project dedicated to publishing a biannual anthology based on a collection of primary sources, such as wartime letters and diaries. The club conducts deep research into each artifact and produces historiographic writing, ranging in coverage from the Civil War to Vietnam.

Junior co-leader Kate Fryburg has learned how to analyze each source closely in order to carefully weave together a narrative of diverse experiences.

“We get letters from soldiers to their wives, so we have to look at the situation and we have to understand what pressures each party is feeling and how that affects the conversation,” Fryburg said. “We look at all of the nuances of war, essentially.”

I think [the stories] reveal another dimension of the perspective that you don’t see with the statistics.”

— Kate Fryburg

Oftentimes, history books explain wars in statistics, listing the number of casualties in a certain battle and placing less emphasis on the stories of the soldiers and their families.

“I think [the stories] reveal another dimension of the perspective that you don’t see with the statistics,” Fryburg said.

From her experiences with Legacy Initiative, Fryburg not only learned of untold stories of war but also developed a new perspective, empathy, and an understanding of cultural differences and complexities of groups that she would like to share with the Park Tudor community. 

When news of the war in Ukraine reached the club, the leaders discussed how the Legacy Initiative could spread awareness about the war’s historical relevance and support its victims. It eventually decided on a sporting event fundraiser.

“[The fundraiser] not only raises money, but it lets families know … that we really care about Ukraine and we’re going to do something to help them,” Fryburg said.